Where did the concept for alpha@play come from?

It came from alpha@work.


In ten years I have built a company that has focused on quality products.
Focused on customer satisfaction.
Built a core set of values, and then brought in the people that made those real.
alpha technologies was the vision started in a garage to do business IT properly. 
Forward facing and forward thinking. 

The base idea came from my personal love of technology.  From my first calculator in 1977 to the drones that I fly today, I have always been fascinated with tech.

In the last few years, tech products that were new and exciting were coming out and I seemed to be the only one that knew about them, or was buying them.

There was an opportunity to take over the main floor of our 1783 Portage Avenue location and I jumped at the chance.  This would give us the space to bring in products that were more suited for retail.

Products that were more about fun than work.

We have already started, close to selling out of our first batch of e-scooters in the first week, and now with Onewheels, and in the spring, e-Foils, 3D Printers, and products that have yet to hit the market.

That is what I wanted.

A place that would show off the latest products in technology and let you see, touch, and try before you spend.

A showroom that you want to visit just to see what the latest is, or what is coming.

We will be using our facility to do training, and compliment alpha@work.

Nothing has changed with the business side.

This is a compliment, not a replacement.

Our focus is the same as it always has been.

Deliver the best service and products to Manitobans.

The only change is that these products may be a lot more fun.