3D Printing Slicer Software

Slicer software does just that.

“Slices” the model you are wanting to print into layers. This process changes the file type from typically an OBJ or STL file to GCOCDE which your printer understands.

Your printer will come with a slicer on the USB or memory card that it comes with. When you get started it is always good to get comfortable with the included software before you start to experiment with others.

Creality Slicer is a flavour or Cura, so you may want to go that direction when you are looking for more features.

A lot of users prefer Prusa Slicer which was developed with their own printers in mind but there are a lot of profiles for other printers available.

Having your printer in great working shape is only half the battle. Knowing how to use your slicer is the other half.

Creality Slicer

Cura-based FDM slicer developed by Creality for their printers. Comes included with Ender and CR series printers.

Ultimaker Cura

Most popular FDM slicer, easy to learn, with broad printer compatibility.


An open-source slicer developed by Prusa Research for their 3D printers, but compatible with a wide range of FDM printers.


Free FDM slicer with built-in model texturing capability. The recommended slicer for 3DPrintMill (CR-30) belt printer.

Halot Box

A resin slicer developed by Creality for their resin printers. Comes included with Creality Halot printers.

Lychee Slicer 3

Free resin slicer with greater range of features including automatic orientation and support generation.