Fil@ment PVA Natural 1.75mm

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Fil@ment PVA Natural 1.75mm

Fil@ment PVA Natural 1.75mm

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  • Excellent water solubility
  • Easy to print at low temperature
  • Good bonding to various plastics such as PLA and ABS
  • Biodegradable when dissolved in water
  • Limited smell

*Do not exceed a printing temperature of 225˚C, because then PVA crystallizes quickly and it will no longer flow and/or dissolve in water

PVA  filament is quickly soluble in water, bonds well to plastics and prints easy. Therefore it is an excellent supporting material for dual extruder 3D printing. This polyvinyl alcohol-based filament is nontoxic, and biodegradable once dissolved in water. For applications other then supporting material PVA  is also available in colours and has a high tensile strength. 

Colour Family Natural
Filament Type PVA
Filament Diameter (mm) 1.75
Print Temp 195 - 215℃
Bed Temp 35-60℃
Weight 0.5 kg
Filament Spool Size (m) 260
Depth (inches) 2.5
Width (inches) 7.5
Height (inches) 7.5