Fil@ment PLA Pink 1.75mm

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Fil@ment PLA Pink 1.75mm

Fil@ment PLA Pink 1.75mm

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  • Well-suited for 3D printing on a variety of different models from different manufacturers.
  • Excellent for high detail printing
  • Excellent for large prints
  • Made from food grade material
  • Reduced warping and curling
  • Low odor
  • Non-toxic bio-based material

PLA can be printed using both heated and non-heated beds. If you have a heated bed, temperatures between 50C-60C recommended. Suggested nozzle temperature is dependant on your printer but suggested ranges are between 195C and 215C.

Colour Family Pink Fluorescent
Filament Type PLA
Filament Diameter (mm) 1.75
Print Temp 195 - 215℃
Bed Temp 60℃
Weight 1 kg
Filament Spool Size (m) 260
Depth (inches) 2.5
Width (inches) 7.5
Height (inches) 7.5